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To the Opera

26 Mar
The Opera House

The Opera House

Last Thursday I went to see an opera at the Copenhagen Opera house. Ever since I came to Copenhagen I’ve been wanting to go the opera. Not so much because of the art, though I very much enjoy it, but because I wanted to go to the building. I had seen it from the other side of the water and passed it while in the canal tour, but I had never been inside. And to much of my displeasure, the opera I went to was on a different stage (Takkelloftet at the back of the building) than the normal big opera’s because it was the graduation show from the Opera Academy in Copenhagen, so I still have to go back to see something on the main stage. I took some great pictures of the foyer though that I wanted to share with you (there was no one there, because the show had already started). I promise pictures of the mainstage will come… The performance that me and my friend saw consisted of 2 separate opera’s, The Bear and Satyricon. To my surprise they were in English and especially the first one was actually pretty funny (maybe not something you would expect from opera). Both of them were really good and the Opera Academy has delivered some very talented new artists. Continue reading