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Wine tasting at Det Lille Vinhus

15 Mar

This week I went to a tapas inspired wine tasting at Det Lille Vinhus, translated: the little wine house. This shop was opened in 2010, by Lars Kroman, a man who worked as a sommelier at some high end restaurants as well as on the Royal Boat. After my boyfriend had been to one of these tastings some time ago (and he was super enthusiastic) I knew I had to try it as well, especially after a good deal came up. So along with my boyfriend and three of our friends, we headed down to the shop.

The form and my glasses

The form and my glasses

We were welcomed in the shop with a glass of spumante and we were allowed to wonder a little bit around the shop and explore the amazing collection of wines while waiting for everyone to arrive. Once everyone was there we were taken down into the basement to start our wine tasting. The basement had a warm atmosphere and there were tables with the glasses (5 in total per person. Normally it’s 4, but the sun had been shining so Lars gave an extra glass) all set to go, as well as water, bread and a form. On the form it had a table with the names of the wines we were going to taste as well as the possibility to write some notes. Continue reading