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Opera Main Stage

8 Apr
Main Stage Operaen

Main Stage Operaen

So this Sunday one of my big dreams became reality when I had the chance to watch the New York City Ballet performing 3 choreographies from George Balanchine. Plus it was my chance to finally see the main stage of Operaen (see this post for my last visit to the Opera house) and share this pic of the inside with you as promised. It was amazing. We had seats on the third balcony and as you can see in the picture…that’s crazy high! But the view was really good and the performance outstanding. Little insiders tip from someone I know who sings at the Copenhagen Opera, always take seats at one of the balconies, especially when going to the Opera. It has better acoustics than the floor seats and they are cheaper; we could hear the dancer’s point shoes. Totally worth a visit when you are in Copenhagen!