Best Sandwich (in my humble opinion)

10 May


So this is it…the best sandwich in Copenhagen. It is big, it is tasty and it comes with student discount :D. The referred to sandwich is the popular number 9 from Smagsløget on Nørregade 38 in the centre of Copenhagen. It has roastbeef, manchego, chilli-pesto, a home-made salsa topped of with lettuce and red pepper (and normally raw onion iew). Divinity in a bun.

It is of course not the only sandwich you can get, they have 20 in total, including some vegetarian options. All very different and each one made fresh by the boys behind the counter. And with fresh I mean, cutting-the-meat-in-front-of-your-eyes fresh. All sandwiches are made on the brown bread you see in the picture (though last time I saw someone ordering even darker bread) and they all get a quick toast before you’re being served. You can eat in the place itself, though it is very small and I wouldn’t really recommend it. They have a few seats on high chairs looking out the window, but ideally you get your sandwich to go. Take them to Kongen’s Have or eat them hipster style on the Dronning Louise’s bridge leading to Nørrebro (weather permitting of course). I took mine home and had it on my balcony in the sun.

The outside

The outside

All sandwiches are 59 kr/€8 (except the BBQ chicken, that one is 65 kr/€8,70), but as said, as a student during the day you get a discount making the them 49 kr/€6,50. They are not the cheapest sandwiches, but they make for a very big lunch (I even had them as dinner) and I can’t say enough how delish they are. Money well spent in my eyes. Even more good news for the party people amongst us, is that from Thursday-Saturday they are open until 06.00 AM. Hurrah for the midnight munchies.

Now take a look at all the beautiful fresh products they use:

Their products

Make your pick


I know where I’m going to get my lunch tomorrow…

What: Smagsløget

Where: Nørregade 38

Price:  59 kr/€8 (with student discount 49 kr/€6,50)


One Response to “Best Sandwich (in my humble opinion)”

  1. angelique van engelenburg May 11, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    Yummmm! That makes me hungry! 🙂

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